Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Divorce Dilemma

Is Brad Pitt open to a reunion back together with Angelina Jolie after Rumors she’s into it?

brad pitt and angelina jolie news

An insider previously revealed to that Angelina Jolie had regrets about breaking off with her husband Brad and filing a divorce. This same source has now revealed that Brad Pitt is over it and it is unlikely to get back together with Angelina.

The source reports that Brad believes that Angelina crossed the line when she accused him of being abusive to their children.

The insider source backs their previous reports that at the time when the couple split things were not good and that they were fighting a lot. A positive thing that Brad got in their split was a wakeup call to be a good father to his kids he has transformed a lot by cleaning up his act by quitting drinking.

The source also reveals that Angelina misses Brad terribly but she is stubborn that she can’t accept that she made a mistake, however, if Brad came begging for another chance she could willing drop the divorce.

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