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8 Things Captain America “Civil war” Revealed About Spider Man

On the major theater release of Captain America Civil War, Marvel featured one of our all-time favorite comic heroes in their star filled universe. The role was perfectly played by the nineteen year old, Tom Holland. Many viewers were impressed by the return of the signature red and blue outfit. Hank will be the main actor depicting the character into the upcoming solo series, however he might feature in other…


10 Unbelievable Changes In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Looks

There are very few people around the world who haven’t heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger, or “The Terminator”. His acting career spans over 30 years and includes some mega blockbusters, starting with Conan the Barbarian. Arnold first rose to fame after winning the Mr. Universe contest in 1970, at the very young age of 23. Through the years Arnold has had many changing looks. Here is a list of the 10…


9 Stars Who Had Kids When They Were Just Kids Themselves

Do you know that there are celebrities who became mothers as early as 16 years? Giving birth at a tender age does not mean that you cannot become successful at the end of the day. There are many celebrities from different parts of the world who have become superstars after giving birth at a young age. Here are 9 stars who had kids when they were just kids themselves 1….


Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Best Moments Since Marriage

Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-Z) and Beyonce Giselle have enjoyed perhaps the most prestigious careers in the entertainment industry. Their popularity among their fans, and in general, further boosted when these singers started a romantic relationship and built their reputation as a mature, eternal couple. In fact, they have remained the subject of gossips and news headline since the time they met in 2001. Like any other healthy relationship, Beyonce and…


The Top Five Best Jennifer Lopez Looks

Did you hear the news? Jennifer Lopez is Glamor’s December spread star and one of our Women of the Year honourees! Once you’ve investigated her fabulous spread (and, goodness I don’t have a clue, got a replica of the outfit to wear this Friday night) snatch a bistro late, get settled and consider these 10 epic celebrity central minutes from all through Jennifer’s profession. Smoking’, slamming’, f-abs-u-l-o-u-s – there are…


Top 9 Lesbian Celebrities Who Have Had Bisexual Relationships

Celebrity life is one that is ever full of drama. It brings that logic sense that even legends are humans and they have feelings. The relationship aspect is the most dramatic with marriages and divorces. Some of the female celebs left their men for women due to variable reasons. For some, they discover they cannot love men when already married while for others, it is for celebrity purposes. 1. Jean…

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Top 8 Shocking Tweets of Donald Trump

If any presidential candidate has the motivation to stamp Twitter’s tenth birthday, it’s Donald Trump. The stage has been the main thrust in his guerrilla presidential office in 2016. Trump’s relationship with Twitter started honestly on May 4, 2009, with a fitting to watch his appearance on Late Night with the previous host David Letterman. From that point forward, things have truly gone downhill. Trump’s Twitter feed has turned into…


Top stunning MTV VMAs red carpet 2016

Madison Square Garden was a beehive of activities as dozen of the world biggest gymnasts, pop stars and celebrities rolled in for the splashiest 2016 MTV video Music Awards.The best looks that were outstanding got all the attention, this came out from all the best celebrity who dressed to impress. 1. Most creative red carpet Kim Kardashian and the husband stole the show with their look during this mega celebrity…


10 things you definitely didn’t know about Bill Murray

Are you the world’s biggest Bill Murray fan? We bet you never knew the following 10 facts about the American funnyman! We’ve compiled a list of the most exciting, little-known snippets about the Emmy-winner and writer for you to impress fellow movie buffs with. 1. Hunter S. Thompson almost drowned Bill Murray  During the filming of ‘Where the Buffalo Roam’, the two men became friendly and started competing to see…

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at her first-in-the-nation presidential primary campaign rally, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Hooksett, N.H. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Hillary Clinton: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

When somebody has spent the better part of two decades in the national spotlight, it’s really simple for even the most uninformed individuals to know something about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Here are things,didn’t know, about Hillary Clinton 1. Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination for US president She’s the principal lady ever to do this for US political party. Be that as it may, her triumph isn’t being commended…