Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at her first-in-the-nation presidential primary campaign rally, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Hooksett, N.H. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Hillary Clinton: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

When somebody has spent the better part of two decades in the national spotlight, it’s really simple for even the most uninformed individuals to know something about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Here are things,didn’t know, about Hillary Clinton 1. Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination for US president She’s the principal lady ever to do this for US political party. Be that as it may, her triumph isn’t being commended…


Top 10 straight stars that got labeled as gay

Relationships can be in the form of Gays, bisexual, straights, transgender and so on. This has been a nature and people cannot overcome this. People do not know that even celebrities are human. Are they meant only to entertain people and not to take a look at their lives? Obviously they would look at their life. There are lots of people who create rumors about the well-known celebrities whom are…


The Eight Celebrities Who Treat Waiters Like Trash

One of the sure-fire approaches to sniff out somebody’s actual nature is to watch their collaborations with service professionals. What’s more, it’s not just about leaving a major tip. Without a doubt, there is a desire that since celebrity people is rich, they ought to make it downpour with hundreds. Beneath is a list of ten celebrities who treat waiter like a trash 1. Jeremy Liven during a satire celebration…


The Big Ban Theory Of The Kardashians

Any publicity is good publicity, or so they say! As in the case of the Kardashians, even publicists are refraining from covering the K family that is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Sadly there is a huge percentage of people who do enjoy prying into their lives by following their ‘reality’ show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ or googling about them and getting the latest dirt etc….


10 Celebrities Who Ruined Others To Become Famous

To be famous and/or popular is the basis to be a celebrity. How can you be a celebrity when only a handful knows you? A celebrity status is hard to achieve and maintain. It may take years to become famous, local or international, and a minute to destroy it. Career success is the pride of any career venture. Some celebrities are willing to do anything to achieve and maintain the…


10 Great Actors Hollywood Won’t Cast Anymore

Stars in Hollywood fall as fast as they appear. One day movie star gets more offers than he or she can handle. But the next day they are fighting to get any role. Hollywood really is a small place and rumors spread quickly. Everyone knows how the falling stars struggle to get a good role, or trying to save their reputation. 1. Catherine Zeta Jones Since 2000 her career was…


12 Amazing Facts about the Phenonmenal NFL Star Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a legend in his own right. He’s probably one of the well-loved and the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL today. But, of course, he’s more than what we usually perceive of him. Here are some amazing facts about the phenomenal, Aaron Rodgers. 1. Currently no. 1 in passer rating, interception percentage, and in Td/INT Ratio In the whole National Football League history, it was him who…


10 Celebrities That Aged Terribly and Become Monsters

A lot of pressure seems to come along with living life in the spotlight. And there’re some tragic celebrity stories out there, with some succumbing to the fame and turning to drugs. Meanwhile, others over indulge under the knife or in the fast food department. Some looked more and more unattractive with age than one would expect. Most of these celebrities aren’t necessarily ‘ugly’ at all, they just would not…


15 Celeb Siblings Who Go Unnoticed Daily

Judging by the number of siblings that are out there in the entertainment industry, it clearly reveals that Hollywood, Bollywood, and in some cases the sports industry is quite a family affair. There are famous celebrities and sports persons, and then there are the not so famous ones. Let’s take a sneak review at a few siblings where one or both go unnoticed daily 1. Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen…

the-joker (1)

Facts You Might Not Know About The Joker

For all lovers of comic books the joker is not at all a stranger to you. We all know this interesting character from the batman waaay back when it started (well not so many were around but we all have something to say about the joker). The joker is characterized by so many attributes some including talkative, colorful to others a chaotic anarchist who some would say is the best…