Emmy awards 2017

Emmy awards 2017: Top 10 Best Dressed Red Carpet Photos

The 69th Emmy awards ceremony has gone down in history as one of the most celebrated functions according to several streaming services. Different streaming services including Hulu, Amazon and Netflix competed for various nominations in an event that has become the talk of all media houses. As different people have different sides of the story to tell, we cannot ignore the fact that particular individuals made the day. Here are…

Miss America 2017

Miss America 2017: 5 Things to Know about Savvy Shields

Every pageant participants’ dream is to walk in the limelight of great platforms like the Miss America beauty pageant competition. Every girl that signs in for the competition hopes to win and be crowned Miss America. This is not easy by any means, especially getting in to the finals. Getting as far as Miss America platform in the beauty pageantry only means that you are competing with the best finalists….

brad pitt and angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Divorce Dilemma

A Biographer who had predicted Angelina and Brad’s Pitt’s divorce claims that the couple is back together after reunion meeting. The couple decided on a fresh start after seeking a spiritual counselor claimed Ian Halperin (Brad and Angelina’s biographer), but it didn’t mean that the couple was calling off the divorce. The couples broke many people’s hearts last September when they announced their divorce this was due to Brad’s drinking…

Teen Choice Awards 2017

Teen Choice Awards 2017: See All The Looks

It is always celebrity central at the Teen Choice Awards, and 2017 is no different. Each year the event is highly anticipated, and we love to see how the stars present themselves on this special night.  Let’s take a gander at some of the looks of the evening from some of our favorite stars including Zendaya, Lucy Hale, Paris Jackson, Lori Loughlin, Vanessa Hudgens and more. 1. Paris Jackson The…

Game of Thrones

Top 10 Best Game of Thrones Episodes You Must Watch

With only nine more episodes left until we find out who sits on the Iron Throne, it is time we review the best episodes of the world’s most popular TV series. Here are the 10 episodes you definitely shouldn’t miss. 10. Ep9, S01 (Baelor) Game of Thrones isn’t afraid to ruthlessly murder its characters. Ned Stark, one of the central characters, is shockingly beheaded in this episode. Daenerys also lost…


How Close Is Paris Jackson to Godfather Macauley Culkin?

It is no secret that Paris Jackson has a large number of tattoos, however her most recent addition of ink brings a dash of nostalgia to the blend. As per E! News, Jackson and her godfather – who just so happens to be Macaulay Culkin – got matching tattoos. Basically, this confirms that they are the coolest godfather and goddaughter around. 1. Paris Jackson and Godfather Macaulay Culkin show off…

CR7's twins

Cristiano Ronaldo Happily Debuts Twin Babies

After the defeat at Confed Cup 2017, Ronaldo still managed to land first page coverage in the newspapers. The Portuguese foward has found himself in the spotlight by announcing the welcome of his twins. The Daily Mail newspaper revealed that the twins were boys. However, based on their clothes, sources confirm that the twins are actually a boy and girl named Mateo and Eva. First reported by Portuguese newspapers, British…


The Next Generation of Hollywood Stars: The Battle of the 4 ‘Chris’

After a stunning performance in “Wonder Woman”, Chris Pine has made the battle between the four fetching “Chris’s of Hollywood” tighter than ever. Popular movie stars such as Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise are now in their 50s and their appeal is clearly waning  (evidence of this can be seen in both Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and The Mummy where there was zero hype). Meanwhile, stars in their 40s…

highest paid 2017

Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood 2017

Hollywood is recognized around the world as the most energizing place on the planet. Those who make it in Hollywood have enormous followings, with fans and critics alike watching them closely. The stars of Hollywood carry massive influence all over the world, and are generously compensated for their contribution to the entertainment industry. Here is a list of the Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood for 2017. 10. Liam…


10 Celebs That Have Feuded with Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is a Pennsylvanian born American singer and songwriter who became one of the most popular contemporary female recording artist of her generation. Taylor entered the music industry at a tender age of 14 and later become a sensation selling more than 40 million albums between 2010 and 2015. She was the youngest woman to be ranked first in Forbes celebrity 100. Her incredible success in the music industry…