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10 stars who came out in 2016 and revealed their sexuality

2016 has been full of surprises. Among the many surprises are stars who came out in 2016 and decided to say what their sexuality is. Here is a look at 10 such celebrities. List of 10 stars who came out in 2016 Kristen Stewart She has been starring in films (and dating two years back) with Robert Pattinson and the two had come to be known as a Hollywood power…

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Top 5 Shocking Failed Marriages In Hollywood In 2016

In Hollywood, most celebrity relationships start at the top in a blink of an eye. Unexpectedly, these relationships also end shockingly like nothing ever happened. The main reason cited by most divorcing couples is usually “irreconcilable differences.” Since January, we have witnessed broken vows, broken engagements and the split of both newer and long-term relationships. As we approach the end of 2016, let us recap some of the high-profile failed…

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5 hottest Instagram models 2016 you need to follow immediately

Instagram has exploded in popularity in the course of recent years, making minor online famous people overnight. Young fellows and ladies alike have amassed many adherents by essentially imparting their lifestyles and everyday schedules to the world. Female Instagram models have gotten to be ostensibly the most prominent of these, racking in a huge number of preferences on expert Instagram photograph shoots, trying to expand their online notoriety and cash…

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Top 5 Kendall Jenner controversial moments of all time

It is certainly not easy being a Kardashian and it brings along its own set of controversies and moments. Here are the top 5 Kendall Jenner controversial moments so far: Top 5 Kendall Jenner controversial moments Topless picture on Instagram via GIPHY Kendall is a huge Instagram celebrity and posts a picture every now and then. But it literally shocked Kendall’s entire fan base when she posted a topless picture of her…

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These 5 Prince Harry Scandals May Prove That He Is A Bad Boy

The British Royal Family may have a sheen of sparkle and glamor, however actually like most families, the Royals have been through some not as much as appetizing occurrences that are not befitting of a family that sees itself as superior to most. Also, Prince Harry has been through his share of embarrassments, which is not astonishing for a youthful, nice looking fellow who simply needs to have some good times. So…

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Top 5 Kpop Bands Who Have Made Their Names Globally

Music has been a part of our lives since time immemorial. The musical form has however evolved over time with the likes of rock, R&B, house and pop being the most popular. As different countries are trying to carve a niche in the global musical scene, the Korean Wave − Kpop as it is popularly known and Hallyu as the Koreans call it has over time been quite influential globally. This…

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Selena Gomez Had An Awkward Crush On A Purple Dinosaur

Selena Gomez has been working successfully in television from a very little age. Like other teenage girls, she had her first crush on a TV celebrity. And it was none other than Barney, the fluffy purple dinosaur. Yes, you got it right. Selena Gomez sharing her awkward crush Before she had a massive relationship flow with her ex-boyfriends, Selena Gomez had a weird crush on the purple dinosaur Barney. Making an appearance…


Top 5 Worst Scandals Of Justin Bieber

1. Erasing Instagram In 2016 it’s elusive a VIP without a gigantic online networking taking after on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… and so on! This was no less valid for Justin Bieber until he chose to erase his Instagram account with a 77.8 million adherents. This came taking after an online quarrel with ex Selena Gomez after Justin posted a photo of himself and new girlfriend, Sofia Richie. The choice stunned…


One Direction: Updating news

1. Is Simon Cowell Banning One Direction From Playing on the ‘X-Factor’? Its a well-known fact that Simon Cowell is vexed that the One Direction young men have left his record name for others. He’s got down on them about various events and, to be completely forthright, we sort of feel awful for the person. He was near the 1D young men and as they most likely have a justifiable…