How Would CR7 React with Irina’s Shocking Revelation?

3. The Three Pauses as Family

Irina and Ronaldo

Several reports show that the sports star was caught together with his latest model girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. The 21- year old classy and gorgeous woman is much younger than Irina. Besides, as they captured the moment of the couple with the six year old son of CR7. They seemed to be happy with each other’s company. He should have found things better about the girl. At the same time, he had granted her mother’s wish which is – to have a girlfriend which will be acting as a good mother to her grandson, Cristiano Jr. There would be no more satisfying than granting a mother’s desire, right?

More than those reasons, Georgina has a character of a good and charming person. And she is also a model, the thing that the guy likes most, as observed with his former girlfriends and dates.

To sum it up, yes – the relationship of Irina and Ronaldo was one’s good, stable and long. However, not all long- time relationships end up to marching on towards the altar. Several of them broke up unexpectedly. What is more hurting is that, it was because of a shallow reason. As many people say, they maybe are not meant for each other. They got to move on to meet new partners, and so they did. Therefore, we also would let their affair be over and hope a happy future ahead for our two stars – Irina and Ronaldo.

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