The Next Generation of Hollywood Stars: The Battle of the 4 ‘Chris’

On screen talent and the future career

Now that we’ve all reached an understand of each Chris; the real question is, where will the future lead?

After the “box-office disaster,” Passenger, Pratt may continue a stable career with the two brands Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

chris pratt

After Thor, Hemsworth has been productive by joining new types of movies, from humorous, action-packed to adventurous. However, all of them were failures due to the plots and the rigid performance of this God of Thunder.


Among those, Chris Evans is trying to escape his own shadow. Along with the title Captain America, Chris continues to participate in various movie projects. He even made an effort taking on the role of director for his first movie Before We Go. It was no secret that he was keen to shift into to this field. While his input may have been 100% the output was mediocre.

Evans still makes an effort to get rid of “superhero” image

Chris worried his fans at the prospect of contract termination with Captain America: Civil War. However, after showing some hesitation, Chris has officially announced a contract extension with Marvel in two more movies (Avengers 3&4). Who knows, he might keep the Captain America brand for the coming decades!

Among the four Chris’s, Chris Pine is the only movie star who is free from the rigid model of acting. Basically, Pine is the best actor not only among these four, but arguably among his generation of actors.

Hollywood stars

At the present, Chris Pine is reaching a milestone that the others have yet to achieve: “The Oscars”. At the beginning of 2017, Hell or High Water, a movie which Chris took on the main role, received 4 recommendations at the Oscars. Chris’s performance in this movie in particular was said to be comparable to the more experienced actor Jeff Bridge.
Hollywood stars

The trend of gentlemanly, charming and faithful princes in romantic movies is now out of date. Right now is the decade of superheroes who stand up for justice across the universe. Interestingly, they all have the same superhero appearance:  white guys, with blond hair, blue eyes and they all make their fans shout “Holy Christ!”

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