The Next Generation of Hollywood Stars: The Battle of the 4 ‘Chris’

The gentleman image and social network of Chris

Chris Pine still uses slider cell phone, out-dated camera and doesn’t join in social networks to prevent nuisances. However, he has dated many beautiful ladies this year. It is clear that Chris Pine has nothing in common with the naive Steve Trevor of Diana Prince.

chris pine
Alone gentleman but not lonely

Chris Pratt is still happy with his pretty Anna Faris and cute child they have togeter. Jennifer Lawrence jealously commented on this couple: “It seems like they walked out of a Nicholas Sparks love novel.”

chris pratt

Chris Hemsworth also has an admirable family with his wife Elsa Pataky of Fast & Furious and three lovely children. Hemsworth even stormed the social network with a photo series of him caring for his children. The title “National Dad” belongs to no one but this man. (Hemsworth is Australian while the others are American)

National father

Chris Evans is not only the Captain but also the “National boyfriend”. After breaking up with Jenny Slate, Evans still gives positive comments on his ex: “She was great”, “She was one of my most favourites”. An interesting assessment…

chris evans
National boyfriend

Furthermore, Chris Evans is also positively engaged in discussions on politic – social issues on social media. He’s been known to criticize terrorism and call for feminism support. He is the real Captain America.

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