The Next Generation of Hollywood Stars: The Battle of the 4 ‘Chris’

“Chris” brand in the movies industry

Chris Pine has the earliest starting point among the 4 when he played the role of Captain James T.Kirk the new generation in the famous series Star Trek from 2009. However, Chris had always been undervalued compared to the others until Wonder Woman brought him back with an increasing reputation.

Hollywood stars

Chris Pratt began his career as a humorous fatty in television series Parks and Recreation. The Pratt has seen astonishing change from the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and the brand Jurassic World, which was triggered after decades of hibernation. However, standing alone, Chris Pratt doesn’t really attract an audience. He may act as the main character but is easily obscured by secondary characters (like Rocket Raccon and Groot in Galazy 1, Yondu in Galazy 2 or Claire in Jurassic)

Hollywood stars

Chris Hemsworth was the only God in superheroes team Avengers but his own movie – Thor was among the worst of the Marvel films. However, this could change when Thor: Ragnarok is released at the end of this year (the movie gathers talented actors under an eccentric director Taika Waititi).

Hollywood stars

Chris Evans was and will always be Captain America. Just like Robert Downey Jr., who was born for the Iron Man, Chris Evans was a truthful and brave superhero and the image of his wearing the captain’s uniform will be idolized by many young generations to come.

chris evans

Hollywood stars
Total revenue of all the films that have been involved up to date: Evans ($ 6.5 billion) – Hemsworth ($ 5.6 billion) – Pratt ($ 5 billion) – Pine ($ 3 billion)

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