5 Things to Know about Harry Styles’ Alleged New Girlfriend

The woman of many talents

Harry Styles’ Alleged New Girlfriend
A talent girl

Aside from cooking and blogging, this beautiful girl also models. Aside from that, she also did yoga and kickboxing among many other things. Being a celebrity himself, we’re pretty sure that Harry Styles would love to have her as his girlfriend. Tess is also a social woman who is reportedly a regular on the London social scene — she’s also friends with other famous celebrities like Amber Le Bon, Millie Mackintosh, and Suki Waterhouse.

So there you have it, just 5 interesting facts about Harry’s beautiful new girlfriend. She’s smart. She’s talented. She’s passionate, a well-rounded individual who’s also an achiever in her own field. She seems like a nice girl too. She’s beautiful and she cooks great! What more can a man ask for? As the old adage goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” These are just some beautiful, attractive traits that she has that make her a good match for Harry and together make them a good couple, what do you think? Hit us up what you think.

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