5 Things to Know about Harry Styles’ Alleged New Girlfriend

On Monday afternoon, a report textured appealing that the former One Direction singer has enjoyed a string of dates with famous food blogger and model Tess Ward. Make a search about this talent, yet stunning girl!

Very passionate about fashion and food

Tess Ward
She loves cooking

This is just one trait that she and Harry share together. It is because of their mutual love for unconventional fashion and food that the two really bonded together until things turned romantic very quickly, as one reliable source said. However Tess loves food even much more, which is very evident in her Instagram pics. She loves cooking very much and enjoys the pleasure of tasting different kinds of delicious food, whether she’s dining out at a restaurant, travelling in a new city or preparing a tasty meal in the kitchen. Aside from being a food consultant and a chef who loves cooking very much, she is a popular food blogger too who has really turned her passion for food into blogging.

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